Wedding Planning – What’s First

Yes, I’m going to start this blog with one assumption, you already have a forever partner selected so the first step is already solved.

There are so many things to think about when planning your wedding. The first actual step is to create a plan or outline of what needs to be considered and when. Many factors could affect your plan. For example, if one or both of you is in the military or a career that limits your flexibility on wedding dates ,that will be a major influence. Do you have a very specific venue that is important to you for your wedding? Perhaps you admire the work of a photographer that fills his or her available dates quickly. Or maybe you want to be married on a specific date that means something special to the two of you.

Step 1

What could/will affect our plans?

Step 2

What items need to go in our plan or outline?

In no particular order (yet):

What location for ceremony?

Location for reception?


Who will be invited?

Who will be wedding attendants?

Food and Beverage Choices?

What services will be important to us; decor, photography, cake, entertainment, flowers, videography?

Get your creative juices flowing and think also about how important each aspect will be. What is the focus behind your decision to have the ceremony and the reception? A quite celebration for the two of you or a celebration that you want to share with everyone? How you feel and what you want are equally important. Be true to your natures and you will enjoy your wedding day much more than trying to please other people with what they think is important.

More next week.

Diana McKinney has been involved in the event planning industry for over 35 years. Her goal is for you to have the wedding you want without breaking your bank or losing your sanity.