Tips & Ideas

Centerpieces – When planning the centerpieces for your table keep them under twelve inches so that your guests can see each other across the table and carry on conversations.  It will also provide you an opportunity to keep your decorating costs lower.  If you are having a mix of both expensive and inexpensive flowers your centerpiece is a place to use more inexpensive flowers along with greenery.  Or you can often use the venue supplied centerpieces and a few candles.

Candles – Remember when using candles they need to be encased in containers that prevent them from possibly starting a fire.  Candles are relatively inexpensive and add a lovely glow to your room.  Scented candles can also enhance the atmosphere of a room by providing a lovely aroma.  However, if you have guests or attendees with asthma, it would be best to used unscented candles.   Although they do cost a little more you may also want to buy candles that do not have a metal wick encased in cotton.  When burned they do release toxic chemicals in the air.