New Year’s Resolutions

Gosh, here it is the beginning of March.  Time to review all those New Year’s Resolutions.  Did we keep them?  Break them?  Not even make them?

In our house it was all three.  We decided rather than actually making resolutions this year we would set some goals.  We are on track for some, sort of dropped the ball on a couple and doing well with at least one.

1.  Reduce credit card debt.
We stopped using our credit cards and the debt is indeed going down.  Not as fast as we would like but still it is getting smaller.
2.  Set aside one day a week to actually have some fun.
Doing pretty well on this one…if you consider detailing your pickup inside and out to be fun.  We did!  🙂  We’ve also spent days doing nothing which is kind of new for us.
3.  Walking the dogs every day.
Not doing so well on this one and feeling a little guilty.  Thank goodness we have a nice yard for them to run around in.  Still.

How are you doing?  If you are slipping a little please join Scott and I in accepting that tomorrow is a new day and goals are just that, something we strive for.  If we fall off the horse we dust ourselves off, get back in the saddle, and move ahead.

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