Music Review – Tell the World to Keep Them Kisses Coming

Scott here. New music is constantly coming out and we can’t all possibly hear it all. Some of what I am reviewing has actually been out for awhile but not big on the charts yet. I want to share with you some of the tunes I have reviewed and what I think of them.

The first song I want to talk about is called Bitchcraft by Drake Bell. Despite the title it is a catchy tune that feels like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall album had a love child. Very danceable.

Jerk Ribs by Kelis is an upbeat but laid back dance song that just makes you want to move. It also has a nice little horn thrown in. This is not anything like her Milkshake from a few years back. I believe she may be maturing as an artist.

Eric Hutchinson has a song out called Tell The World. It has a Bruno Mars type beat with makes you want to clap your hands and stomp your feet. A great little crowd participation song that will have many of your guests want to join right in.

Martina McBride’s In the Basement is a fun bluesy/country number that will be a joy to dance. It features Kelly Clarkson on harmony vocals. This is a cover of the song which was done by Etta James. Here is a fun little video of Etta’s version.

A rising popular country love song that is easy to dance to is from Craig Campbell and is called Keep Them Kisses Coming. While it was released in December it is currently number 13 on the country charts. Craig has quite a few good country dance tunes as well as love songs available so be sure to check out his other releases. Fish is a really fun little tune that makes you want to smile.

I Don’t Dance by Lee Brice is currently being touted as the number one requested first dance song for country weddings. Diana says it bores her to tears. But then, she always did like songs that make her want to get up and dance. 🙂