Hiring a DJ – Questions they don’t tell you to ask

Read just about any bridal magazine and it will give you a list of questions to ask a disc jockey company when looking to hire entertainment for your event. Here are some questions they usually don’t mention that I really think you should ask about.

1. What is your policy on volume?
You see, most parties and weddings are not raves. If you have a lot of older guests they really won’t appreciate ear drum shattering music levels. And imagine trying to carry on a conversation while shouting because it is the only way you can be heard.

2. What is your policy if I have to postpone or cancel my event?
There are no right or wrong answers to this question. What is important is that you know, understand, and accept the policy. Mother Nature sometimes is not as nice as we would like. From hurricanes to harsh winter storms, from fires to floods, things happen and you will want to have a plan B.

3. Will you be my actual DJ?
There are two basic type of entertainment companies; the solo operator and the multi-operator. The solo is a single owner or couple and they are the DJ(s). A multi-operator has several DJs on staff. One is not necessarily better than the other. With the smaller company you will usually receive more personalized attention and know exactly who your DJ will be. With a larger company you may be working with a sales person and not know who your DJ is until he/she shows up the day of your wedding. Either way, you want a DJ who cares about you, is trained in coordinating your type of event, and isn’t there just to earn beer money.

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Questions to ask when hiring a DJ