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How Much

Have you ever wanted to buy something that you have never purchased before?  Don’t even know what questions to ask other than how much?  Yeah, me too.

If all a DJ needed to do was play music and nothing else you could bring a radio or an iPod and that’s it.  We can even rent you a sound system to hook up with your iPod.

So here are some quick questions to ask:

  1. Have you ever been to my venue before?  (Will they visit if they have not been there before?)
  2. How much experience do you have for my type of event? (A rave DJ is not a good choice for a wedding if they have no wedding experience.)
  3. Tell me about your music library.  (They then should ask what you are looking for.  Are they interested in your needs or just bragging about having a gazillion songs?)
  4. Do you have general liability insurance?  (Covers damages caused by them or their equipment.)
  5. How will you plan for my event?  (Some don’t even plan, they just show up.)
  6. Have you ever taken any training to improve your performance musically or as an emcee?  (Do they care about becoming better in order to provide you with a fabulous party or just interested in getting money for playing music?)

I have lots more questions for you.  Give me a call at 970*217*9285, I’m happy to share.


Things about Rings

Classic Grace
Quite a bit of thought went into your engagement ring, whether you pinned favorites and dropped hints for months, or your fiancé enlisted a trusted friend—or picked it out on his own. There are a million rock/band permutations these days, so the unique bling that got a “yes!” says a lot about your personality and style, says Julie Sabatino, founder of The Stylish Bride. Here, she helped us decode what your engagement ring style really says about you.
Your ring has: A round solitaire diamond
You are: A total traditional–and most likely, your ring finger is now sporting something similar to what your grandmother had. “You’re a classic,” says Sabatino. “Just like your ring, you have a timeless sensibility.” You skip the trends and lean toward things that never go out of style. Lucky you: You’re the one who never looks dated or out-of-style in old photos.
Boho Beauty
Your ring has: A pavé infinity band with a square diamond
You are: “You’re relaxed, fun, and free-spirited—a boho bride,” Sabatino says; you’re all about delicate features, like a pretty, detailed band. Your lifestyle (and personal style) are led by what makes you feel untethered and of-the-moment.
Something Special
Your ring has: An ornate, multi-diamond style
You are: One-of-a-kind. “You have an appreciation for unique items and one-offs,” Sabatino says. “And you don’t mind a little work or digging, because ‘the find’ is totally worth it.” A die-hard vintage lover, you like your possessions—and your people—a little eccentric and unconventional.
Daring Darling
Your ring has: A wider width band
You are: Bold and never feel the obligation to go with tradition. “You totally go your own way and have your own style,” Sabatino says. While you’re not always looking for the newest trend, you find things that speak to you and wear them without apology.
Traditional With a Twist
Your ring has: Three matching cut stones and a mixed-metal setting
You are: Anything but boring. You go for the classic simplicity of three similar-cut stones, but take it up a notch with a mixed metal setting. “You can’t resist what’s in style right now,” Sabatino says. Your friends consistently ask you for fashion advice, and your love of what’s coming straight off the runways means your closet is extremely well-stocked.
A Flair for the Dramatic
Your ring has: A large square diamond
You are: Confident and proud. “Your ring no doubt says, ‘I got a rock,'” Sabatino says. That big, gorgeous statement piece is a reflection of your glam, Old Hollywood style. You love making an entrance and enjoy being the life of the party.
Simple and Elegant
Your ring has: A bezel setting
You are: No fuss, no muss. “You’re the ultimate minimalist,” Sabatino says. “You want something that lasts through all the trends and fads.” You appreciate fine craftsmanship and covet a ring that will last a lifetime.
Warm and Sweet
Your ring has: A halo setting
You are: A total softie, and you’ve got a serious romantic side. “You love soft, ethereal, feminine things,” Sabatino notes. You take advantage of all nature has to offer and you probably always have a vase of fresh flowers on the cocktail table in your apartment.

Cannabis and Alcohol

We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later.  In the past we have had guests that consumed a bit too much alcohol and as a result we have seen fights break out, people sent to the hospital in ambulances, a groom miss most of the reception (bachelor party the night before), and even one newlywed couple yelling at each other about getting their marriage annulled 2/3 of the way into the reception.  No doubt about it alcohol can seriously mess up your wedding day or party.

In Colorado we now have cannabis aka marijuana available  either to smoke or eat.  Many planners have said they are seeing a huge increase in cannabis/alcohol consumption that are turning a fun event into medical emergencies.  Many out-of-state folks have no idea how much cannabis is safe and are consuming too much.

One planner had a bride spend five hours in the hospital before the doctors were able to adequately treat her.  She had refused to admit that she had mixed cannabis and alcohol together.

When planning your next party or wedding please give careful consideration as to whether or not you want to encourage cannabis use and what measures you can take to deal with any issues that may arise as a result.

Terha and Jay’s Wedding

When Terha first met with me she explained that she wanted a 1920’s themed wedding; but, not a flapper wedding. The ceremony would be at 11:00AM and the reception immediately following. Because it was an afternoon event she wasn’t sure how much people would dance so she wanted some games that her guests could participate in and enjoy.

One of the ideas I had for a game was a version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. The only two people actually doing the game would be Terha and Jay but I thought the guests would get a real hoot out of it. I was right! I created pictures of Terha in her dress and Jay in a suit. All Jay had to do with pin a bouquet to Terha and she had to pin a Bow Tie on him. You can look at the picture to see how well she did.

Website Pin the tie on the groom.

Instead of a regular cake, Terha had cupcakes. We kept them in a back room until time to deliver the cupcakes to the guests. Terha’s friends, Shannon, Julia, Coral, Lolly, Dixie, Michelle, Lisa, and Donna served trays of cupcakes to the guests while entering the room to the strains of “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast.

I am delighted to say that Terha and I have become more than vender/client. We have become friends. Which I am sure The Next Door Restaurant and Generations Martini Bar both appreciate because we love meeting and enjoying their bacon wrapped dates.

Oh, did I mention that we only played two games. Scott was rocking the house with great music and the guests were loving it. They danced until the venue kicked us out.

Using old frames for wedding photos
Many photographers use old frames for photos after the wedding. Do something fun and frame the wedding itself.

Many thanks to the ladies at Pelican Lakes for the awesome wedding ceremony site, Emily Moon Photography, and Susan at Something Borrowed for the fabulous decor items.

Wedding ceremony location in Windsor CO - Pelican Lakes #windsorwedding
The happy bride and groom right after the ceremony.

American Disc Jockey Association

Budgets – Your Reserve

Wow, budgets are the hardest part of planning your wedding. If you’ve never done a big event before you probably have no idea how much things are going to cost. You do probably have an idea of how much you have available to spend.

Take the number available to spend and immediately subtract 15%. This 15% is your reserve. A late spring thaw might cause your $50 bouquet to suddenly cost $60. An explosion at an oil refinery could adversely affect the cost of gas which could negatively affect all your vendors, some of whom may pass the cost on to you. So keep that 15% set aside. If you end up not spending it you now have a small nest egg to start your retirement fund, begin a down payment on a house, plan for a baby or start your three to six month living expenses emergency fund if you don’t already have one.

Now it’s time to start laying out the rest of your budget. Do your research by checking out websites and magazines to find out what people are spending on which services. But keep in mind that costs in one part of the country may be different than another part. And you may want to spend a higher percentage of your budget on photography and less on food than the average or you may want to spend more on the entertainment and less on decor.

candle centerpieces
Where do you want to spend your hard earned money?

Remember to think about what is important to you and allocate your money appropriately. Also, think about what you and your guests will remember about your wedding day ten years from now. If your budget is tight ask yourself this question:  Will my guests and I remember that I painstakingly spent hours wrapping up five Jordan almonds in netting and tied them with a pretty bow for favors? Or that I spent $7.00 a piece to rent pretty bows that go on the backside of my chairs during dinner? Money is money and time is money too when it comes to putting your wedding together. Which products or services do you want to spend your wedding money on?

Wedding Planning – What’s First

Yes, I’m going to start this blog with one assumption, you already have a forever partner selected so the first step is already solved.

There are so many things to think about when planning your wedding. The first actual step is to create a plan or outline of what needs to be considered and when. Many factors could affect your plan. For example, if one or both of you is in the military or a career that limits your flexibility on wedding dates ,that will be a major influence. Do you have a very specific venue that is important to you for your wedding? Perhaps you admire the work of a photographer that fills his or her available dates quickly. Or maybe you want to be married on a specific date that means something special to the two of you.

Step 1

What could/will affect our plans?

Step 2

What items need to go in our plan or outline?

In no particular order (yet):

What location for ceremony?

Location for reception?


Who will be invited?

Who will be wedding attendants?

Food and Beverage Choices?

What services will be important to us; decor, photography, cake, entertainment, flowers, videography?

Get your creative juices flowing and think also about how important each aspect will be. What is the focus behind your decision to have the ceremony and the reception? A quite celebration for the two of you or a celebration that you want to share with everyone? How you feel and what you want are equally important. Be true to your natures and you will enjoy your wedding day much more than trying to please other people with what they think is important.

More next week.

Diana McKinney has been involved in the event planning industry for over 35 years. Her goal is for you to have the wedding you want without breaking your bank or losing your sanity.