The Team

McKinney Entertainment was born in 1988 when Scott McKinney and Diana Roberts saw each other across a crowded room.  In fact, if we had a theme song it would be Some Enchanted Evening*.  That magical night was in February.  We had our first opportunity to work together in March at Star Fest in Denver. Scott was providing sound for the main stage and Diana was handling security for the same room. We discovered we both love Star Trek, Star Wars, and ice hockey. With Diana’s pre-teen nephews in tow, we went to a Nuggets basketball game for our first date on April 15.  It was a lot more fun than fretting about a tax deadline.

In July Scott joined Diana for lunch and asked her what she thought of Larry as a best man. “For what”, she replied. He said nothing. The Jeopardy Theme song clock begin ticking in the background. Fortunately it was only a couple of seconds before her brain kicked in. “Sounds like a great idea”, she said. And in August we joined forces as business partners; but more importantly, as partners for life.