Just for the Record

Just For The Record…..
The resurgence of vinyl. That’s right. The record is making a comeback. Visit your Barnes and Noble store or other music outlet and find new re-mastered pressings of classic albums from some of your favorite artists, old and new. Beatles, Pink Floyd, Green Day and more. Don’t expect them to be 1977 prices though. Back when Dark Side of the Moon was originally released I believe I paid $12.99. Today you can purchase a 180 gram pressing for around $40. A word of caution though…..don’t waste your money on the Crosley turntable that they also sell. It’s cheap! Go to your local Goodwill store or other second hand shop and get a “real” record player and make sure the “needle” stylus is in good shape. Radio Shack still carries replacements if you want to be sure yours isn’t worn out. You WILL notice a difference. For those too young to remember records, they were “warm” sounding and full of life. Peter Framptons “Frampton Comes Alive” just sounds better on an album opposed to the CD. CD’s were just “sterile”. Sometimes technology just gets too perfect for its own good. No Wow or Flutter, No Rumble or surface noise, Too good of a Signal to Noise ratio and channel separation. Granted, you wouldn’t enjoy Led Zeppelins “Houses of the Holy” that was abused as if it were used as a Frizbee but a good clean copy of The Best of the Stones will sound amazing. But Hey!!! Maybe it’s just me.
Happy listening until next time.