#1 Secret to a Great Wedding Reception

Since this is a DJ website you might think we would say it’s all about the DJ. It’s not!  Yes, music can really help to create the mood you want for your party; but, the reality is this:

Wherever you are, that’s where the party is.  That is where your guests will be.

If you step outside to have a cigar your guests will step out with you. guests dancing If you are on the dance floor, they will be on the dance floor too.  At the bar?  They will be right there drinking with you.

You see, your guests came to be with you.  To help you celebrate and to enjoy your company.  So as you plan your party, think about what it is you want your guests to be doing.  What you want to do.  Then plan accordingly.  Of course, you want to remember the music too.  🙂  McKinney Entertainment DJs can create a lovely background for you,  help you rock the dance floor, or both.  Your choice.

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